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 Happy Fall Everyone!

I’m very pleased that Daffadowndilly Gallery (604-886-7650) at #8 – 426 Marine Drive, Gibsons, BC, is selling selected purses, coasters, puzzles, scarves and notepaper with themed images (horses and baseball and dogs and nature) on them. 

The Art Crawl is October 20 – 22 on the Sunshine Coast and even though I am not involved this year, I am still a participant in the Purple Banner and if you are interested in seeing my art gallery and studio (being  renovated), please call me at 604-209-6074 for an appointment.  I would love to see you and show you my art work!

Baseball Update:  Not only were some of my baseball banners reprinted on the stadium, but the Vancouver Canadians won the Championship this year!  Congratulations to all the players, staff and fans who made this past summer so much fun and such a BIG success!

Nat Bailey Stadium

Nat Bailey Stadium – A painting of my paintings, new banners for 2017!!

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Emily Carr Institute of Art andJennifer_Ettinger Design, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.    For the last twenty years, I have been painting images of athletes, animals, nature and abstracts for either commissioned or self-motivated projects.   My paintings are inspired by my childhood love of sports, especially baseball, and of having a childhood lived on a farm in rural Nova Scotia.   It was through my father’s persistent and gentle coaching of the game of baseball that I learned the game’s nuances.  Many of his ideas about practicing one’s craft and doing one’s best in sports have helped me in my journey through adulthood and in the application of art.

By 1995, using bold colours and stylized design, I had my first baseball show entitled “Diamond Warriors” and I have been painting sports heroes and beloved animals every since.  I feel very honoured to have my paintings in private collections throughout North America, in Europe and as far away as Australia.

A year ago, I moved my studio from urban Vancouver to rural Gibsons with a working studio and art gallery at 990 Chaster Road, a ten minute drive from the ferry at Langdale.  I hope to reflect and relate images of the world that exists around my new studio and to portray how my surroundings influence and determine how I experience and apply paint.

My website will be updated frequently with images of new painting projects, examples of olderjennpurplebanner1-250 work, new prints and merchandise for sale, shows, and relevant artistic endeavours. I am a member of the Coast Cultural Alliance who organizes the Art Crawl on the Sunshine Coast every October and also the Purple Banner project. Please call ahead for an art gallery/studio tour.  If you would like to get e-mail updates of my personal adventures into art, please subscribe to my newsletter.  For more information about a studio/art gallery visit, having a print made of your favourite Ettinger painting, paintings you are interested in, or about commissioning me to do a unique and personal painting for you, send me an e-mail at or contact me directly at 604-209-6074.

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Sunshine Coast Art Crawl October 17-19, 2014, Video Interview on Ettinger by Singer and Video Artist Katherine Penfold:                                     Baseball Interview March 16, 2014 at “Ettinger Captures Sports Figures Past & Present Through Talent & Hard Work” 

Recent media interviews:

Shaw TV

Dunia Tozy asks me about my baseball paintings and the reasons why I paint baseball images.

Vancouver Courier

Vancouver Courier’s reporter Michael Kissinger interviews me in “Riley Park: The Art of Baseball”, published on June 17, 2013. “Meet Jennifer Ettinger, the artist behind the old time baseball player paintings that adorn Vancouver’s Nat Bailey Stadium.”

Career Highlights:  Book Covers, Excerpts and Articles:

heading-for-home200I’ve been very fortunate to have paintings used for the covers of books as well as being commissioned to create book covers.   Mike Carey’s book “Heading for Home A Baseball Odyssey” PublishAmerica Baltimore, 2009, is an example of an existing painting of “Doc White”, 40″ x 30″, acrylic (sold – image on right) being used for the cover and “BURNING UP THE INFIELD The 1974 Frasers” by Ken McIntosh and Rod Drawn, 2011 is an example of a commissioned art work specifically created for a book cover.

Over the years, I have also been fortunate to have articles written about my work.  Some of my favourites are:

From The Province newspaper, August 28, 2011, “Vancouver’s a Triple A city” by Terry Bell: If you’ve been to Nat Bailey Stadium, you’ve seen Jennifer Ettinger’s baseball paintings adorning the stadium’s outer walls. Well, this summer Ettinger spent lots of time at the ballpark – just an artist and her sketchbook. ‘The sketches are gestural artworks and are done while looking at the subject and completing the sketch while the action is happening, or completing it very soon after while the image is fresh in my mind,’ says Ettinger. ‘They can be used by me later to inform larger paintings for accuracy in form, style and immediate impressions as I find these can be more ‘real’ than using photos as references.’ 

Canada’s first Poet Laureate George Bowering, a respected writer and huge baseball fan, has  written over 100 books.  In his book, The Diamond Alphabet Baseball in Shorts”, BookThug 2011, under the section entitled “ETTINGER” he writes his “short” musings about me.

The Globe and Mail – Article by Tom Hawthorn, January 6, 2006 “Artist Captures the Spitting Image of Baseball Greats – A Tribute as pretty as a pitcher”

A book about Ted Williams – A Tribute by Jim Prime & Bill Nowlin Masterspress, page 121, a painting of Ted Williams (Private Collection) by me and my musings on Williams, “I have always admired Ted Williams for his determination, his passion, and for his honesty when evaluating other ballplayers…”