Other Artworks

The following are available for sale at my Art Gallery at 990 Chaster Road, Gibsons, BC:  Arbutus Tree I and II, Twilight on Mushrooms, and Fungi

18" x 14", frame, acrylic, $850

“Arbutus Tree II”, 18″ x 14″, frame, acrylic, $850


20" x 16", frame, acrylic, $850

“Arbutus Tree I”, 20″ x 16″, frame, acrylic, $850 

30" x 15" x 1 1/2", acrylic, $925 New Work for the October 16-18, Sunshine Coast Art Crawl

“Twilight on Mushrooms”, 30″ x 15″ x 1 1/2″, acrylic, $925 


18" x 14", frame, acrylic, $950

“Fungi”, 18″ x 14″, frame, acrylic, $950









Other Sports Paintings are for sale at Ettinger’s Art Gallery at 990 Chaster Road and for sale at the BC Sports Hall of Fame are limited edition prints and selected purses and coasters with sports themes.


                              Mike Weir, 36” x 30” x 1 ¼”, acrylic, Signed by Weir in 2000, $1,800

Cyclone Taylor, 16” x 8”, acrylic, hockey-stick frame, $750

Cyclone Taylor

Smoky Joe Wood, 40” x 30”, shadow-box frame, SOLD

Smoky Joe Wood

Practice – Hockey, 40” x 30”, acrylic, sand, black shoe polish, red frame, $950

Practice - Hockey

Practice – Three Balls and Glove, 30” x 36” x 1 ¼”, acrylic, $650

Practice - Three Balls and Glove

Ben Hogan, 48” x 30”, acrylic, Shadow-box frame, $1,800

Ben Hogan

Contact me at art@ettinger.ca or baseballart@gmail.com for availability, prices and/or other information.

Below are photos taken at an exhibit of my work at the BC Sports Hall of Fame, 2015 – 2016.  A big ‘thank you’ to all the workers – and especially Jason Beck who curated the exhibit and who contributed greatly to the success of this show!

BC Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit  BC Sports Hall of Fame Exhibit


The Reflection Series Art Work is Available at Artist’s studio:  990 Chaster Road, Gibsons, B.C., V0N 1V4:    The Reflection Series was launched in a shared show with W.P. Kinsella [Field of Dreams], and Kerry Banks [Novelist, Freelance Journalist and Photographer] with 24 artworks depicting 18 ballplayers and 6 hockey images.  Description of Artwork – each 3-dimensional art piece consists of two frames, secured together with brass hinges.  One frame contains a piece of board covered with canvas and then layered with an acrylic coating.  On this is placed a reverse image of a baseball player (all hockey art pieces have sold).  Collaged around this image is text taken from old and discarded sports books and magazines that relate to the image.

The image is layered with 25 acrylic washes of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue paint to create and enhance an aged appearance.  The adjoining frame holds a mirror that is over-laid with a quote or relevant symbol.  When viewed in the mirror, the image will not be reversed but can be seen as it should be seen.

Ballplayers still available, both sizes priced at $500 US each:  10″ x 8″ x two sides:

  • Roger Maris – On mirror:  “Maybe I’m not a great man, but I damn well want to break the record”.
  • Josh Gibsons – On  mirror:  “His name is Gibson…he can do everything.  And he catches so easy he might as well be in a rocking chair…”.
  • Christy Mathewson – On mirror:  “Pitching in a Pinch”. 11″ x 8.5″ x two sides.
  • Babe Ruth – On mirror:  “I swing big, with everything I’ve got.  I hit big or I miss big.  I like to live as big as I can.”
  • Honus Wagner – On mirror:  “There ain’t much to being a ballplayer, if you’re a ballplayer.”
3D art work of  Honus

Honus Wagner Reflections, 10″ x 8″ x two sides, $500 US