Shipping and other costs

When you purchase one of my paintings, the shipping, packing and insurance costs can be roughly estimated at 10% to 15% of the cost of the painting.   The costs depend on the mode of shipping – Canada Post is cheaper in Canada but costs more (usually) to the US, and UPS is cheaper for larger paintings (over 22″ x 30″ size).   Extra charges are incurred if painting/artwork weighs more, and if speed of the delivery is an issue.  Here are some examples of shipping costs:

  •  packing and insurance and shipping for a small-medium sized painting (16″ x 20″) would be approximately $60.  If it is an artwork that weighs more or is irregularly shaped, there would be additional costs
  • a large paintings (30″ x 40″) sent via UPS costs approximately $150, plus packing and insurance charges
  • insurance with Canada Post has a standard liability coverage of $100 with additional liability coverage up to $5,000

If you have any questions or concerns about the cost of shipping, please contact me or call me at 604-209-6074  and I will get you a closer approximation of what shipping, packing and insurance will cost you.