Commissioned Portraits of People and Pets

Painting portraits of people and pets is both challenging and rewarding.  The challenge is to paint in a way that reflects my style of painting, yet represents the person or pet in spirit or realistically depending on what the client requests.  The reward is the resulting painting making the client happy.


“Allison”, 22″ x 18″, oil, sold

“Allison” was commissioned by her husband.  Allison is an accomplished and celebrated pianist and singer and musical director.  Her beloved daughter (in the background) is also a talented musician.

In the Pink

“In the Pink”, 16″ x 20″, graphite/watercolour, sold

A watercolour commission can start as a detailed graphite image, painted next with light washes of colour, resulting in a realistic and romantic version of the subject.

Duffy and Rosie

“Duffy and Rosie”, 16″ x 20″, acrylic, sold

Duffy and Rosie are two beloved dogs.  Even with black dogs, high detail can be portrayed.


“T.T.”, 12″ x 12″, acrylic, sold

T.T. shows that the pet’s attitude can be portrayed in the final image.  A strong colour in the background energizes overall appearance of the portrait.