"Reflections" is a series of twenty-four 3-dimensional artworks that were first presented in a shared show with W.P. Kinsella and Kerry Banks.

Artist's Statement

"This series of work comments on how the game of baseball is composed of memory and myth. Perhaps truth is reflected between the lines of personal interpretations derived from what we read, what we are told, and what we choose to believe."

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Satchel Paige

Each 3-dimensional piece consists of two frames secured together with brass hinges. One frame contains a piece of board, covered with canvas and then layered with a plaster coating. On this is placed a reverse image of baseball or hockey. Collaged around the image is text taken from old and discarded baseball books and magazines. The image is layered with acrylic washes of burnt sienna and ultramarine blue paint to create and enhance an aged appearance. The adjoining frame holds a mirror that is over-laid with a quote or relevant symbol. When viewed in the mirror, the image will not be in reverse but can be seen as it should be seen.
8.5" x 11" US $500

Satchel Paige - Sold

Honus Wagner - sitting on his bat

Ty Cobb - swinging bat

Babe Ruth - detail; hands on bat

Babe Ruth - swinging bat

Jackie Robinson - Sold

Ted Williams - (older) Sold

Ted Williams - (young) Sold

Roberto Clemente - Sold

Fred Hutchinson - Sold

Joe DiMaggio - Sold

Lou Gehrig - Sold

Josh Gibson
Sandy Koufax 8" x 10" US $500

Josh Gibson - *see above*

Sandy Koufax - *see left* Sold

Joe DiMaggio - Sold

Christy Mathewson - standing with glove

Hank Aaron - Sold

Yogi Berra - Donated**

Roger Maris - swinging bat

Willie Mays - Sold

** to the Yogi Berra Museum, N.J.

Hockey Players

Gordie Howe - Sold

Bobby Orr - Sold

The Millionaires - Sold

"Rocket" Richard - signed by Richard,  8" x 10", Sold

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